Lite Version of QAT

Instructions for the Lite Version of the QAT and a demo video can be found on this page.


To download the Lite Version of QAT, click here.  When you open the Lite Version of QAT, you will see green boxes on the right hand side of the tool that contain instructions and helpful explanations.

To save your assessment simply use the “save as” function in Excel and save the Quick Assessment Tool in an appropriate folder on the hard drive of your computer. Choose a file name specific to the project – in the event you assess multiple versions of the same project, it is important to differentiate the assessments by file name. The file type should be the most recent version of Excel that your computer possesses.  DO NOT ENABLE MACROS when saving the Quick Assessment Tool.  As you input information into the Quick Assessment Tool, periodically save the file, so if the program is interrupted for whatever reason, your most recent inputs are not lost.  It is recommended that you download a new copy of the tool from this web site for each assessment you conduct.

In order to complete the Lite Version of QAT, you need to gather the following information:

1) Project Name (User determined).

2) Location – Township. If project is located outside of New England, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, user will need to run the Full Version of the QAT.

3) What is the maximum payback period allowed/desired?

4) Location – Township.  The Lite model uses Township and County to determine the economic impacts.  The full model must be used to get better information on local and region economic impacts.

5) What is being proposed?

  • Adding a new biomass boiler to supplement the existing heating system
  • Compare biomass to fossil or compare woodchips to pellets
  •  Removing an existing fossil system and replacing with biomass
  • New construction option: compare biomass vs. fossil boiler options

6) Type of biomass fuel (wood pellets or woodchips).

7) Expected price/ton to be paid for biomass fuel.

8) Expected % of heating to be supplied by biomass boiler (if supplementing existing system).

9) Expected delivery size (tons/delivery) for biomass fuel.

10a) Type of fuel currently used (for existing facilities).

10b) If new construction, user needs to provide area (sq. ft.) to be heated and describe how the building will be heated (constant, modulated, partial) and the thermal efficiency.

11) Location of current fuel distributor (in county or outside of the county for existing facilities).

12) Typical delivery size of current fuel (if heating fuel oil or propane is current fuel).

13) How much current fuel is used annually (gallons, cubic feet)?

14) Annual cost of current fuel.

Demo Video

Here  is a video demonstrating an example of the Lite Version of the QAT.  Please submit questions and comments through the FAQ page on this site or by emailing, with subject: QAT.

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